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Employee commute bus service/canteen
Employee commute bus service/canteen

Employee commute bus service/canteen

Prioritizing safety and health in laying the foundation for manufacturing activity in an emerging country

We perform general affairs-type work in the early phases after starting operation for customers who have difficulty dispatching required personnel from Japan to overseas plants, to support their clerical operations.
We build a business environment required for production activity (bus operation for commuting, worker meals), putting ourselves in the standpoint of management and employees and prioritizing safety and hygiene factors. By taking on your general affairs functions, we support your efforts to build a business environment that enables your company to focus on manufacturing activities without worry in emerging countries, where worker turnover is often high and it is difficult to keep and train a stable team over the long term.

Food hygiene management

  • We set up a hygiene management committee to tightly control the hygiene of meals, kitchen and canteen and create a clean eating environment.

Customer satisfaction survey

  • We regularly check employee satisfaction about meals by conducting surveys. Results are regularly reflected in the menu to help boost employee morale.
  • Hygiene management committee

  • Kitchen

  • Canteen

  • Meal menu meeting

Bus operation and route management

  • We design and operate optimum operation routes and manage bus operation in real time using GPS, helping reduce the negative impact of employees arriving late.
  • We conduct research of employee commutes before designing a commuting bus use to ensure the highest usage percentage and to reduce costs.

Safety managemen (All buses are equipped with a dashcam.)

  • We help raise safety awareness of drivers and employees using the buses by conducting educational sessions and safety training.
  • žžWe control buses’ operation to reduce delays and maintain their operation within speed limits by setting KPIs on bus operation.
  • We identify areas prone to traffic accidents and seek to choose the safest routes.
  • Driving training

  • Safety training

  • Drive recorder

  • Alcohol check

Some service details vary depending on our offices.

TOYOTATSUSHO .Techno park Business