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Management support
Management support

Management support

Continuing to support your management of business operations through representatives’ meetings

We attach utmost importance on communication with customers after you get your local operation up and running; we listen to your comments (opinions and questions about troubles) to collaborate in supporting your healthy business operation on an ongoing basis.
We use our group companies’ information network to collect information that may be difficult for you to collect on your own (markets, law revisions, etc.) and support your efforts to build a business environment where you can focus on manufacturing without worry by regularly providing timely information to your management team, including changes in laws and regulations that could impact your operations.

Representatives’ meetings

  • We regularly hold representatives’ meetings to provide information, including market trends and law revisions (tax, labor, and other laws), and hear the opinions and troubles your management might have to discuss possible measures to deal with them.

    Product showrooms

  • To promote sales activities for your products in the country of your operation, we set up product showrooms targeting your overseas customers to support your local sales activities.
  • Representatives’ meetings

  • Product showrooms

Drills and safety training

  • We provide employee education on emergency actions by holding anti-disaster drills. We also help raise safety awareness among employees through safety training sessions.
  • Lifesaving training

  • Anti-disaster drill

  • Safety training

  • Forklift training

Social activities (contributions to the local community)

  • We help you accept student interns in accordance with the local educational calendar as part of your social activities and help you build a good relationship with the local community by leading cleaning and other activities in your area.
  • Cleanup activities

  • Cleanup activities

  • Tree planting activities

  • Regional exchange

Some service details vary depending on our offices.

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