TOYOTATSUSHO .Techno park Business

What is Techno Park?
What is Techno Park?

What is Techno Park?

Overseas Introduction of Japanese Manufacturing Technologies (Monozukuri)

Automotive markets are growing in emerging countries, and makers of finished automobiles are rapidly shifting toward local procurement and production to respond to the cost and functionality requirements of these markets. This trend is also accelerating the shift of Japanese automotive parts manufacturers to emerging countries. However, some small to medium-sized manufacturers are facing difficulties in expanding their operations overseas due to shortages in manpower, assets, funds, and know-how.
When an excellent parts manufacturer is unable to move overseas due to these reasons, the losses are great, not only for the parts manufacturer but also for car manufacturers. Furthermore, if certain Japanese parts manufacturers cannot move their operations, this will result in a decline in the type of mutual adjustment and coordination that is characteristic of Japan’s manufacturing culture, and subsequently cause this culture to deteriorate.

Unique Services of Toyota Tsusho

One of the greatest characteristics of Toyota Tsusho’s techno-park business is how it provides hard elements (provision of land, factories, and infrastructure) that come packaged with a wide range of soft elements (administration and accounting support). There are, of course, companies that provide real estate services, and major accounting firms can help with feasibility studies and establishing local subsidiaries. However, Toyota Tsusho is the only company with a business model that offers detailed services in both areas.
Our ability to provide this type of service is a product of Toyota Tsusho’s emphasis on devoting its energy to on-site initiatives.
This service is also enhanced through the use of the Company’s manufacturing specialties